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Zohar LP (Review) by Di Federico (Ambient Music Blog)

This morning I propose listening to Zohar, another project by Daljit Kundi A.K.A Sinius, which has six tracks for a total of about 55 minutes.

The peculiarity of this album is the presence of recordings of various environments, or more commonly called Field-Recordings, which become an integral and material fulcrum of the individual tracks.

Giving a look to the cover you immediately notice the analogy between what is graphically represented and the compositional technique used to compose the album. The dominant color on the cover is the rose that I personally consider a warm color that gives me peace and serenity. Overall, therefore, we have a very bright cover, a very interesting choice since we can enclose the entire project in the genre of Dark Ambient and Drone Music.But Sinius offers us a Dark Ambient metaphorically different from the genre that we are normally accustomed to listening, within Zohar we feel described the creative process that gave rise to all things, the material that is formed from nothing luminous, the particles come closer to each other very slowly establishing a very strong tension between them ... almost melting together to create something new and mysterious ... and they move away ... making vain all the way up until now, the origin of things and the universe same require a lot of time.

In Shale and Cinder (track 4 of the album) we feel the nature of souls pulsing, we feel them transforming and questioning who they really are, what their real purpose is within the great "project"?

I quote a quote dear to Sinius used to describe the "soul" of the album:

"Those who wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens"

'' The sages will shine forth like the splendor of the firmament, and those who have taught many to justice will shine like the stars forever. ''

An album that has a lot to say not only about the creative process and the symbolic meaning, but also regarding the way of dealing with Dark Ambient. I highly recommend listening.

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