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  • > I would like to use your music for my project, do i need a permission?"
    My original music is free to use (if not stated otherwise) as long as credit is given. There are no restrictions, you can use it for your project and you don't need to write me a message.
  • > Why did you choose to to make your music royalty free?
    Royalty Free is a gateway to unlocking new doors in the industry and its also a great way to share music that is downloadable, copyrite free, fast and easy to use. All compositions available on the dark music database have been made by devotion, I will update more music but please bare with me as Its not about the quantity but the quality of each music that has been added to the database.
  • > How should i credit you?
    YouTube (or similar): Just put a link to my channel (or a direct link to the song from my channel) in your video description. TV, Film, Video Games: You can use either my artist name''SINIUS'', my real name ''Daljit Kundi'' or both such as ''Daljit Kundi (SINIUS)''.
  • > Do you take comissions, if so are you willing to do specific songs?"
    I do paid comission work. my Business mail is:
  • > How do you think your music affect people?
    It's through messages on YouTube, Soundcloud that people connect with me, it's been overwhelmingly inspiring to read the beautiful messages that come through and how my music opened a gateway to their imagination. Some people write messages and told me that my music has changed their life. I'm grateful and blessed for all your generosity of love and support.
  • > What is the main feeling you want people to feel while listening to your music?
    My music comes from the inner soul and inspiration from the afterlife. I want people to express their own emotions when listening to the compostions. Music can transcend spiritual energy in all forms of dimensions.
  • > Do you make music from home or do you have a studio?
    I built a professional studio room at home and later saved enough money to purcase the equipment i needed to start recording in a sound proof environment.
  • > What equipment do you own? And what type are they?
    Behringer MX 9000 Mixing Console Alesis V61 - 61-Key USB-MIDI Keyobard Controller Behringer - Ultrabass Pro [Model EX 1200] Digital Subharmonic Bass Processor] Behringer - Powerplay Pro-8 [Model HA8000] [8 Channel headphones distribution amplifier] Behringer - Multicom Pro-XL [Model Mdx4600] [Audio Interactive Dynamics Processor] Behringer - Ultra-Voice Digital [Model VX2496] [High-Performance Voice Processor] Behringer - Virtualizer Pro [Model DSP2024P] [High-Performance 24 Bit Multi Engine Effects Processor with full MIDI control] Behringer - Feedback Destroyer Pro [Model DSP1124P] [Ultra-High Resolution 24 Bit Dual Engine Automatic 24 Band Feedback Destroyer Parametric Equaliser] Behringer - Tube Ultra-Q [Model T1951] [Vacuum Tube Ultra Musical Stereo Full Band Equaliser Notch Filter with Ultra Tube Circuitry] Behringer - Ultrapatch Pro [Model PX 2000] [Multifuctional 48 Point Patchbay] T.C Electronic Finalizer Express - Studio Mastering Processor
  • > What is your recording equipment?
    Computer: Apple iMac Audio Interface: Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 DSP DAW: Propellerheads (Reason studios) VST: Native Instruments (Kontakt 6 / Komplete), Spectrasonics (Omnisphere 2.6), FrozenPlain (Wraith / Phoenix) Studio Monitors: M-Audio Studiophile BX8 Portable Digital Recorder: Zoom H1 Version 2.0
  • > When did you show interest in creepy and eerie music?
    I've been a follower of legendary directors ''George. A. Romero'' and ''Lucio Fulci'' from a young age. I also developed interest in video games during the same time inspired by the likes of ''Akira Yamaoka'' from ''Silent Hill'' and legendary games such as ''Resident Evil''. These games captured my imagination to unfold with sinisteric atmospheres like i have never experienced before, the music involved in these games resonated as a source of inspiration that changed my life.
  • > What inspires you to compose music?
    Looking into dark photography and acknowledging the mind of the creator, it resonates with me to express my emotions so i can transcend them into music. I'm also inspired by the paranormal & supernatural documentaries, anything related to the afterlife and what's waiting on the otherside is a form of inspiration to me.
  • > Do you make any other types of art? if so can we see?
    When i was young I use to love art classes back in school. I remember drawing a segment of the 1986 ''Stephen King's'' movie ''IT'' pennywise the clown for my final 10 hour exam. It was the only form i could use to express my feelings of films that inspired me from a young age to really think about what i should draw. It was the segment of the original ''Tim Curry'' that fueld my imagination. Thankfully after the results came i passed. If i ever come across the drawing i will share it.
  • > What are some of your other hobbies outside of music?
    Traveling to distant locations, captuing photography and learning history. I also enjoy watching found footage movies.
  • > Do you have any words to aspiring musicians or artists?
    Be 'yourself' and don't be afraid to show who you really are and what you believe in because the source of all creation will come within you. Believe in yourself and the universe will orchestrate your destiny.
  • > Has your music changed the way you live?
    I would say so. It has also changed the way i see films that inpsire me. The music i make is incedental music that supports a background scene for a movie for example when you walk into a abandoned asylum and you feel like your hearing hallucinations echo from the past or present. The dark sound textures in my music supports that scene and atmosphere to enhance the feeling of that specific moment in time.
  • > Do you plan on doing any tours?
    I would love to perform live sets as i've previously performed at festivals and would love to return at some point in the near future. For more information about worldwide bookings please visit: Events tab page via the top screen or at the bottom site map links.
  • > Why did you create a YouTube channel?
    To promote SINIUS productions music as portfolio and showreal to offer royalty-free music worldwide to all industry arts & entertainment to use within the creative commons act 4.0. YouTube is the biggest engine in the world and its one of the best platforms for self discovery.
  • > What is your favourite instrument to play?
    I do have multiple instruments in the studio but i mainly use the keyboard with various VST's and plug-ins to create music. So i would say the Alesis V61 61-Key USB-MIDI Keyboard Controller is a intimate piece of equipment.
  • > Did you ever study music theory?
    Learning music theory was a process i could've learnt back in school but I never took it serious enough to continue the path. I took music production and sound design more serious as inspiration did not come until I discovered digital audio workstations that inspired me to create sounds that felt more intimate and otherworldy to my imagination.
  • > You've been officialy remixed by Akira Yamaoka?
    Akira Yamaoka is one of the biggest inspirations to date. back in 2014 when i finished my album with co-producer Ludvig Cimbrelius. We decided to release our album via Cosmic Origins. I had this vision of 'Akira Yamaoka' doing a remix and releasing it exclusive on 12" Vinyl (Special Edition). So when my label got in contact with Akira's agent, the man himself replied back and loved the music instantly. We sent him the whole album whilst he was flying back to Tokyo (Japan). He listened to the whole album and picked 2 tracks that he would love to remix and from their it was history in the making.
  • > What is a fun fact about yourself?
    Addicited to the old classic VHS horror movies. At some point i would like to build a collection of films in the studio as a memorabilia. Personal favourite VHS cover 'Evil Dead' by Sam Raimi 1981. I also enjoy reading books by Ed & Lorraine Warren.
  • > Do you have any more albums coming out in the future?
    I have a new album coming out soon with Ludvig Cimbrelius (Purl) entitled 'Embryology' I believe our first LP (Oceans of Sound) took about 4 months to complete, and this second one took 4 years... but i think what matters in the end is creating something timeless. As for solo albums i will plan to release one album each year but it depends on time as i'm married and have 2 little boys to support and being a father can delay projects and consistency of pr, marketing and releases etc. I'm currently working on alot of Royalty-Free music as i would like to build a libary of dark atmospheric music for the SINIUS productions database online. Other projects consist's of original motion picture soundtracks for video games and paranormal documentaries.
  • > Why did you choose the name SINIUS?
    When i first discovered the style of music I was composing i needed a sinister name that would give complete resonance to myself and the music i was creating. It took ages searching for the right name as i wanted to pick something that i would stick with and not regret later on in years to come. My good friend Aram Gevorgyan from (Armenia) was in the same situation at the same time when looking for artist names as we've both worked together as 'Paranormal Projections' and other affiliation projects in the past. In a nutshell Aram Gevorgyan had given the name SINIUS to me... and since the inception i've been using this name ever since.
  • > Which song took you the longest to produce?
    I believe it would have to be The Conjuring Mirror... this composition took a substantial amount of energy from beginning to end. I had to use multiple different techniques to incorporate sounds from the zoom H1 device which consisted of live field recordings from abandoned locations to static white noise to give the essence of otherwordly sounds causing a rip into our world from the otherside. Majority of all music i have made over the years have taken time but this piece really challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • > What's your favourite films that inspired you?
    I have soo many films that inspired me these include: Dawn of the Dead by George A. Romero, Night of the living Dead by Tom Savini, Evil Dead by Sam Raimi, Zombie Flesh Eaters by Lucio Fulci. Other personal favourites include: The Exorcist, The Blair Witch Project, Grave Encounters, Sanatorium, The Rite, Stigmata, The Devil Inside, Paranormal Activity, As Above, So Below, The Possession and Day of the Dead by George A. Romero this film is a masterpiece and i love the soundtrack by John Harrison.
  • > Have you ever experienced a Haunting?
    In my late 20s when I stayed over at my brother n laws house for 6 weeks I experienced otherworldly phenomena that changed me forever. The house i was temporarily staying in affected my brother n laws father from the beginning, as from what i remember.. His father saw dark figures in the corner of the house and was completely distorted by its presence. His reaction to seeing these haunted phenomenas were like schizophrenia. I remember when I saw the images that were taken from his mobile phone and seeing these demonic entity's latching over. Physically and mentally his personality changed forever, what ever happened to him came from this house when it was purchased by my sister and brother n law. After investgating this property, the estate agents declaired that the area had been a graveyard centuries ago before houses were ever built on this land. When I came to visit the house i saw endless faces of multiple lost souls of the afterlife on the surface of the tiles on the ground floor shower room. This room is very narrow with high ceilings like a victorian style. As I looked into these faces I could see different emotions like screaming and otherwordly expressions that you coudn't even imagine. I also remember on the following night myself and my brother n law had a few drinks and he invited his cousin over to join us for a few drinks as we were playing music in the kitchin (after a few hours of drinking etc I started to feel sick and went into that room to use the toilet and strangly I remember being in the corner with my head down I could hear these hallucinations) I felt this overwhelmingly pressure that left me in the darkness to not move as If i was paralzed by this dark energy I must of been inside between 30 and 45mins until my brother n law and his cousin said to come out as they were getting worried. Inside this room I could faintly hear whispers in the walls and laughing but couldn't focus directly as music was playing in the kicthin room. In circumstances like this you need an electronic voice phenomena (EVP) to amplify the signal that the human ear can't detect. But I wasn't here to investigate on the phenomena. I also experienced faces in the room I was sleeping in which I couldn't even sleep due to paranoia and disturbance of these sinisteric figures. In the early hours of the morning after sleeping for maybe 3 or 4 hours I saw an image of a demonic figure smiling in a oily red substance on the back of my clothes. I showed the figure of the face to my brother n law and he was shocked. He took it to his father to witness the face and his father quoted.. Burn It. From what i learnt from this eerie experience is when you use the substances of alcohol or anything that harms your soul you become the host of vulnerability to ghost and other supernatural forces, especially if you have curiosity of the otherside and you do believe in religion. You will find what your looking for as these indications are all factors that raisises the energy of causing a rip into our dimension. There's still other moments I experiened whilst I was staying there but will hold onto them as personal memories as I don't want to give everything away at once. Maybe one day if I ever narrate my own experience I will unfold the full true story of what happened.
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