Frequently asked questions

> I would like to use your music for my project, do i need a permission?

My original music is free to use (if not stated otherwise) as long as credit is given. There are no restrictions, you can use it for your project and you don't need to write me a message.

> How should i credit you?

YouTube (or similar): Just put a link to my channel (or a direct link to the song from my channel) in your video description. TV, Film, Video Games: You can use either my artist name''SINIUS'', my real name ''Daljit Kundi'' or both such as ''Daljit Kundi (SINIUS)''.

> Why did you choose to make your music royalty free?

I originally setup my record label SINIUS productions primarily for my own material, after researching royalty free music and the way film directors, youtubers, game developers etc use music for their content. I felt inspired to turn SINIUS productions into a dark database of royalty free music.

> Do you take comissions, if so are you willing to do specific songs?

I do paid comission work. my Business mail is:

> How do you think your music affect people?

It's through messages on YouTube, Soundcloud that people connect with me, it's been overwhelmingly inspiring to read the beautiful messages that come through and how my music opened a gateway to their imagination. Some people write messages and told me that my music has changed their life. I'm grateful and blessed for all your generosity of love and support.

> What is the main feeling you want people to feel while listening to your music?

My music comes from the inner soul and inspiration from the afterlife. I want people to express their own emotions when listening to the compostions. Music can transcend spiritual energy in all forms of dimensions.

> Do you make music from home or do you have a studio?

I built a professional studio room at home and later saved enough money to purcase the equipment i needed to start recording in a sound proof environment.

> What equipment do you own? And what type are they?

Behringer MX 9000 Mixing Console Alesis V61 - 61-Key USB-MIDI Keyobard Controller Behringer - Ultrabass Pro [Model EX 1200] Digital Subharmonic Bass Processor] Behringer - Powerplay Pro-8 [Model HA8000] [8 Channel headphones distribution amplifier] Behringer - Multicom Pro-XL [Model Mdx4600] [Audio Interactive Dynamics Processor] Behringer - Ultra-Voice Digital [Model VX2496] [High-Performance Voice Processor] Behringer - Virtualizer Pro [Model DSP2024P] [High-Performance 24 Bit Multi Engine Effects Processor with full MIDI control] Behringer - Feedback Destroyer Pro [Model DSP1124P] [Ultra-High Resolution 24 Bit Dual Engine Automatic 24 Band Feedback Destroyer Parametric Equaliser] Behringer - Tube Ultra-Q [Model T1951] [Vacuum Tube Ultra Musical Stereo Full Band Equaliser Notch Filter with Ultra Tube Circuitry] Behringer - Ultrapatch Pro [Model PX 2000] [Multifuctional 48 Point Patchbay] T.C Electronic Finalizer Express - Studio Mastering Processor

> What is your recording equipment?

Computer: Apple iMac Audio Interface: Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 DSP DAW: Propellerheads (Reason studios) VST: Native Instruments (Kontakt 6 / Komplete), Spectrasonics (Omnisphere 2.6), FrozenPlain (Wraith / Phoenix) Studio Monitors: M-Audio Studiophile BX8 Portable Digital Recorder: Zoom H1 Version 2.0

> When did you show interest in creepy and eerie music?

I've been a follower of legendary directors ''George. A. Romero'' and ''Lucio Fulci'' from a young age. I also developed interest in video games during the same time inspired by the likes of ''Akira Yamaoka'' from ''Silent Hill'' and legendary games such as ''Resident Evil''. These games captured my imagination to unfold with sinisteric atmospheres like i have never experienced before, the music involved in these games resonated as a source of inspiration that changed my life.

> What inspires you to compose music?

Looking into dark photography and acknowledging the mind of the creator, it resonates with me to express my emotions so i can transcend them into music. I'm also inspired by the paranormal & supernatural documentaries, anything related to the afterlife and what's waiting on the otherside is a form of inspiration to me.

> Do you make any other types of art? if so can we see?

When i was young I use to love art classes back in school. I remember drawing a segment of the 1986 ''Stephen King's'' movie ''IT'' pennywise the clown for my final 10 hour exam. It was the only form i could use to express my feelings of films that inspired me from a young age to really think about what i should draw. It was the segment of the original ''Tim Curry'' that fueld my imagination. Thankfully after the results came i passed. If i ever come across the drawing i will share it.

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