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Purl & Sinius - Embryology LP (Pre-order) Past Inside the Present

With their roots in India and Sweden respectively, Daljit Kundi and Ludvig Cimbrelius met in the sphere of UK music culture. With Daljit growing up in Birmingham, and Ludvig having been heavily influenced by the influx of innovative electronic music from the British isles, it was in the realms of ambient jungle that the musical duo first set sail together. Their debut release ‘Timeless Travellers’ is an intergalactic voyage undertaken in the spirit of innocence and exploration that remains a hallmark of the genre, including remixes from their long time friend Simon Huxtable (Aural Imbalance) as well as the melodic genius Ulrich Schnauss. Ludvig traveled to Birmingham for the release event, performing a powerful set back-to-back with Daljit Kundi.

After some extraordinary remix work for their good friend Kirsty Hawkshaw’s Wellhead Records and several celebrated EP’s, the duo moved away from the fast paced breaks, bringing the scope of cinematic ambient into full focus. This change was also reflected in their shifting monikers, with Ludvig returning to his roots with ‘Purl’ and Daljit bringing his cinematic inner visions to life as ‘Sinius’. Their debut album ‘Oceans of Sounds’, though passed on by several record labels, was eventually released some 3 years after its completion and has subsequently become an underground classic (featured and reviewed by A Strangely Isolated Place.

Recurring struggles with record labels and with getting their music heard coincided with big life changes, ultimately leading to their next album waiting on the shelf in a near-finished state for close to 7 years. Passing along a demo to PITP eventually led to their embracing of the project, and with their loving support ‘Embryology’ is now ready to be born. In contrast to its predecessor ’Oceans of Sound’ - and as its title suggests - ‘Embryology’ is an exploration of the inner creative realms and the emotional aspects of the different stages of the creative process. As a whole, the album attempts to represent a psychic darkness that is as deeply restful as it is ripe with creative potential.

Ludvig and Daljit extend their deep gratitude to their friends at PITP for their loving support, and especially to Zach, Cynthia and James for their respective contributions in making ‘Embryology’ ready for the world.

releases July 26, 2023

Written and recorded by Ludvig Cimbrelius & Daljit Kundi

Mastered at Ambient Mountain House by James Bernard

Photography and graphic design by Cynthia Bernard

Layout by zakè

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