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Image by Tyler Lastovich



D A L J I T  K U N D I

Film composer and sound designer from the United Kingdom. Daljit Kundi is best known for composing dark ambient, drone music for paranormal and supernatural documentaries by Dark Territory and Haunted Saginaw. Daljit Kundi was born in the United Kingdom in 1984 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Daljit started to write ambient music at a young age as part of his journey for self-discovery. Daljit has composed music for a number of documentaries and feature films, and he is currently recording music for Dark Territory under the pseudonym SINIUS.


Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Ulver, Mark Korven, Brian Eno, Akira Yamaoka, and Ryuichi Sakamoto,

as well as filmmakers George A. Romero, Lucio Fulci, Na Hong-jin, and Takashi Miike.

Listening To My Music

To get started, click Royalty Free Music in the menu above and select a category from the dark music database.

As well as buying my music from this site, you can also stream and purchase from the following sites below (although licenses and my royalty free music collections are only available here at https://SINIUS.CO.UK)

Who Can Use My Music?

My music is primarily aimed at film & TV professionals, production companies, trailer editors, game developers, documentary makers, producers, students and independent filmmakers looking for atmospheric music use in their films, documentaries and videos. But I’ve also heard from ‘non-industry’ people who just enjoy listening to atmospheric music, so if you like cinematic film soundtracks, dramatic trailer cues and dark textural soundscapes you can also just buy and download the music tracks for personal listening  (apart from the royalty free collections which are only available with a license attribution 4.0 international (CC BY 4.0) 

SINIUS productions | Spectral Emanations

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